What is the ReadyLight warranty?

The ReadyLight warranty is 5 years.

Who do I contact with any questions on how to use or operate my ReadyLight?

First check the manual that shipped with ReadyLight. If you still need assistance, please use our contact form.

How long does it take to charge in the sun?

It depends on how discharged it is. If it’s completely dead, it will need about 20 hours of consistent sunshine. Typical use should only discharge the light 20% – 30% and should fully recharge the next day while you’re out on an adventure. Charge times vary depending on weather, clouds, etc.

Should I do anything before I use it for the first time?

We recommend you plug it in at home for at least 12 hours to give it a solid full charge. This should be done before each use or once a month to extend the battery life.

What is the on/off switch for?

This allows you to extend the usage of the main light by not allowing the mini/portable lights to draw a charge off of the main battery. You can also charge each mini light using a micro USB charger, commonly used to charge cell phones and other electronics.

How do I get the most run time out of my ReadyLight?

Only use as much light as you need for your particular activity. In some cases you will only need the main lamp on the low setting. You may also find using the mini lights on the flashlight setting use very little battery and in most cases will last for a few days before needing a recharge.

What material is the tripod made of?

The legs and main tripod are made out of durable steel. In a pinch, you can even use it to fend off a zombie attack if need be. Unfortunately, damage incurred from zombie attacks is not covered under our warranty unless you get it on camera.

What is the strobe light feature used for?

The strobe feature serves 3 purposes:

  • To disorientate a threatening person or animal.
  • Location detection in the event you are lost.
  • Disco at the campfire.
What if I break a component such as a mini light, or one of the feet? Are spare parts available for purchase?

Most all of the external parts are available to purchase if a need arises. Please contact us for external parts.